Centre for Renewable Energy - Research Partnerships

Research partnerships

CRE wishes to establish collaborations with other research / teaching institutions, community organisations and industry working. Such collaborations can be realised when both the CRE and its potential collaborator envisage the mutual benefits.

CRE’s unique position in a tropical north of Australia’s mainland with its vast land area, unevenly distributed population and remote communities, low population density and various potential energy resources also provide potentials for broader research collaborations. From the potential partners, CRE expects research interactions, which will enhance its research profile, improve its research capabilities.

Depending on the nature of the cooperation involved, such collaboration can be formalised through signing of a memorandum of understanding or realised through informal channels, which may be more effective and efficient when such a partnership is sought for a specific target such as joint research proposal, joint publications, etc.

CRE has established partnerships with the following organisations:

    - Power and Water Corporation
    - Northern Territory Government
    - Alice Solar City
    - COOLMob
    - Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC REP)
    - Tenax Energy
    - University of South Australia
    - Fraunhofer
    - University of New South Wales
    - University of Adelaide
    - Alaska Center for Energy Power, University of Alaska Fairbanks
    - University of Tasmania
    - Defense Housing Australia
    - Investa Land
    - Epuron Pty. Ltd.
    - The Specialty Coatings Pty. Ltd