Centre for Renewable Energy - Students


Mr Anil Chaudhary
Master's Candidate
E: anil.chaudhary@cdu.edu.au

Anil Chaudhary is a strong advocate for research in renewable energy, he dedicates most of his time to research and investigating new technologies available in the renewable energy sector. His professional interests focus on smart grid, high voltage DC and hybrid renewable energy systems and his current research includes review of Grid Stability System (GSS) based high penetetration solar diesel hybrid systems.

Ms Catherine Matthews
PhD Candidate
E: catherine.matthews@cdu.edu.au

Catherine completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours, at Griffith University in 1993. Her thesis explored the potential for a range of renewable energy technologies to contribute to the Australian electricity grid. Subsequently, she worked as an International Project Coordinator, Learning Assistance Officer, Research Assistant, Tutor and Lecturer. In 1998, Catherine completed a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and in 2008 a Permaculture Design Certificate. Currently, she is undertaking a PhD exploring the potential for renewable energy to contribute to local economic development and sustainable livelihoods in remote communities.

Mrs Shokhida Safarova
PhD candidate
E: shokhida.safarova@cdu.edu.au

Shokhida completed a Masters of Applied Science majoring in Tropical Urban and Regional Planning, at James Cook University in 2014. Following her interests in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Shokhida also completed a Graduate Certificate in GIS in 2014.  Her main research goal is to investigate an impact of modern urban design on energy performance of residential dwellings. In her master’s thesis she assessed passive design of residential detached dwellings in the tropical climate and energy efficiency strategy in an Australian policy context. After completing her degree Shokhida worked as a Tutor in Human Geography and a project officer. Recently she was involved in the Tropical Sustainable Design Case Studies Project which aimed to capture and share the knowledge and best tropical expertise in built environment. Her current PhD research is focused on energy efficiency assessment of houses and urban design in Darwin.