We live in a globalised world where media and communication technologies are in constant flux and development. What stays the same is the demand for graduates who are creative, innovative, and demonstrate a high level of capability and skills in communication studies. From Twitter to the telegraph, from Tinder to the telephone, studying Communications immerses students in the history and the global and national cultural contexts of media communication industries, as well the development of practical skills with a focus on media writing.

Our regional focus in the Top End of Australia means that we think about Communications in a different way than others. In a culturally diverse space with links to Asia and also to traditional indigenous culture and languages, our students think about how to communicate effectively across long distances and between cultures, and what community and connectivity means in the contemporary world. 

Career opportunities

Graduates in Communications are able to forge pathways to careers in diverse areas, especially combined with other study electives at Charles Darwin University. The following are some examples of Communications career areas:

  • Journalism and PR
  • Advertising/marketing
  • Media planning and analysis
  • Film, radio and television
  • Writing, editing, and publishing
  • Multimedia and social media
  • Freelance writing and copywriting
  • Government media and communications
  • Tourism industry/research
  • Communications research

Study options

To study Communications, Charles Darwin University offers a new major that is studied within the Bachelor of Arts. The Bachelor of Arts provides graduates with the ability to understand and study human society, culture and the creative arts. The Communications major in the Bachelor of Arts provides students with a broad, theory-rich, and practical program of communications study, which could lead toward exciting careers relating to the communications and media industries. If students are interested in further study, we also offer the one year (full time) Bachelor of Arts (Honours), which has a thesis component. We also welcome expressions of interest from potential students who might want to undertake a Master of Arts by Research or a Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies.

Students who enrol in the Bachelor of Arts course with a Major in Communications are able to choose from a range of exciting units from the Bachelor of Arts. You have the option of a second major within the Bachelor of Arts, where you could study a related area such as Literary Studies (which contains Creative Writing). Studying an Asian language such as Indonesian or Chinese could connect your Communications knowledge to important regional business partners. Political Science would be a helpful major to take with Communications if you are interested in journalism and reporting as a career. If you elect to study a single major within the Bachelor of Arts, then you could study general electives from Creative Arts, which could include Screen and New Media Production and Visual Arts. So, choose the direction that best suits your individual talents and career goals.

Current units

COM102 Introducing Communications Studies
COM201 Media and Professional Writing
COM202 Media, Culture and Representation
COM203 Global Communication Industries (available from 2019)
COM301 Communications Independent Study (Research)
COM302 Communications Independent Study (Creative)
COM303 Writing, Journalism and Media Ethics (available from 2019)

More information

For general information about applying or registering at CDU, enrolling in units, and the different study options please visit the Study at CDU page. For more specific information about studying communication at CDU please contact:

Gemma Blackwood
Lecturer in Communications
Phone: 08 8946 6617