Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media

Design is everywhere; magazines, advertisements, product packaging, billboards, and more. Graphic design is about visually communicating and presenting information.

Whilst traditionally graphic designers were primarily concerned with print media, the introduction of electronic media has expanded the graphic designer's role. Graphic designers now shape the transference of information to almost any medium, including the Internet, CD-ROM and other visual media.

In addition, the demand for interactive digital media has given rise to a whole new niche area for designers interested in new media areas, such as digital video, animation, gaming and a host of interactive product solutions designed to meet complex client briefs.

The courses offered by the School aim to tap into students' creative potential and to equip them with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to provide graphic design and interactive solutions.


Career opportunities

The employment opportunities in this field are abundant, long-term and varied and include areas such as:

  • media design
  • web design
  • animation
  • film and television
  • advertising
  • interactive media design.