Language Studies

Language Studies

Studying a new language will give you the opportunity and skills to learn about different cultures and societies. At Charles Darwin University you can study Indonesian, Modern Greek and Mandarin in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country and is rich with a diversity of cultures. Being at our doorstep, Indonesia is central to Australia's long-term strategic and economic interests. Studies in Indonesian language, culture and society will enhance students' capacity to engage with Indonesia and Indonesian nationals. Studying Modern Greek language and culture provides the key to understanding the importance of the Hellenic tradition in western intellectual development and its contribution to multicultural Australia. The units are suitable not only for students who have a Greek background but also for students with limited or no previous knowledge of Modern Greek. Mandarin is an official language of the People's Republic of China. It is spoken by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and ranks as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. China has a five thousand-year-old culture that has made a major impact throughout the world, with increasing international importance for business and economics in the 21st century.

Career opportunities

Being fluent in another language and being aware of another culture will open doors to a wide range of employment opportunities including:

  • Teaching and education
  • Foreign affairs/government
  • Armed forces and security agencies
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • International commerce/law/business
  • International development
  • International media/journalism
  • Overseas consultancy/management

Study options

You can study languages at the undergraduate level as the Bachelor of Arts program, which can extend into studying Honours. There is a Diploma of Languages available to students who wish to improve their ability to communicate and engage in another language. Students will have the option of attending in-country programs in China, Indonesia, and Greece. These in-country study programs provide students with further opportunities to immerse themselves in the culture of their chosen country.

Current units

CHN101 Chinese Language 1 
CHN102 Chinese Language 2
CHN201 Chinese Language 3
CHN202 Chinese Language 4
CHN301 Chinese Language 5
CHN302 Chinese Language 6


INI101 Indonesian Language 1
INI102 Indonesian Language 2
INI201 Indonesian Language 3
INI202 Indonesian Language 4
INI210 Indonesia: State and Society (available from 2019)
INI220 Indonesia and the World (available from 2019)
INI301 Indonesian Language 5
INI302 Indonesian Language 6
INI310 Politics of Indonesia (available from 2019)
INI320 Major Issues in Contemporary Indonesia (available from 2019)

HEL101 Modern Greek Language 1
HEL102 Modern Greek Language 2
HEL201 Modern Greek Language 3
HEL202 Modern Greek Language 4
HEL231 Byzantine World 1
HEL232 Byzantine World 2
HEL301 Modern Greek Language 5
HEL302 Modern Greek Language 6
HEL311 Modern Greek Cultural Studies 1
HEL312 Modern Greek Cultural Studies 2


LAN201 Negotiated Language Study
LAN211 In-Country Language Study 
LAN301 Language Project
LAN311 In-Country Language Study

More information

For general information about applying or registering at CDU, enrolling in units, and the different study options please visit the Study at CDU page. For more specific information about studying languages at CDU please contact:

George Frazis
Associate Professor of Hellenic and Greek Studies
Coordinator Diploma of Languages
Coordinator Greek In-Country Program
Phone: 08 8946 6486


Amy Yu
Lecturer in Chinese Studies
Coordinator Chinese In-Country Program
Phone: 08 8946 7736

Vannessa Hearman
Lecturer in Indonesian Studies
Phone: 08 8946 7044