The undergraduate programs offered by the School of Creative Arts and Humanities include the following:

Humanities and Social Sciences

Explores cultures, societies, and institutions. You will analyse what is happening in the world right now, how we came to be what we are and where we might be going. No other degree compares to developing your intellectual flexibility, critical thinking, and communications competence.


Introducing Communications Studies
Media and Professional Writing
Media, Culture and Representation
Global Communication Industries
Communications Independent Study (Research and Creative Writing)
Writing, Journalism and Media Ethics

Introduction to Australian History
Themes in Global History (CU)
Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia
Colonial North Australia
Modern History of Southeast Asia
North Australia in the 20th Century
Mainland Southeast Asia


Introduction to Australasian LIterature
Creative Practice in a Digital Context
Guilty Reading: Topics in Popular Genres
Workshop in Creative Writing: Poetics
Workshop in Creative Writing: Fiction
Great Books (CU)
Independent Study in Academic Research
Independent Study in Creative Practice
Advanced Creative Writing


Critical and Creative Thinking (CU)
Ethics (CU)
Culture, Arts, and Ideas 1 & 2
Rationality and Decision Theory
Knowledge and Cultural Diversity
Self in a Digital Age (CU)
Philosophy of Science
Social Cognition, Power, and Surveillance
Independent Studies in Philosophy 1 & 2


Introduction to Australian Politics
Introduction to International Relations
Political Ideas (CU)
Foundations of Western Civilisation
Comparative Political Systems
Comparative Politics in Asia
Australian Public Policy
Case Studies in Asian Politics
Contemporary Global Issues
War, Revolutions, and Terror
Political Science Placements


Sociology Perspectives
Global Sociology
Sociology of Deviance


Studying in a new language will afford you the opportunity and skills to learn about different cultures and societies. Being fluent in another language and studying the culture will open doors to a wide range of careers. Students also have the ability to select (4) common units that provide opportunities for attending in-country programs. A great way to immerse oneself in the culture of one's chosen area of study.

Your study options for Languages are:


Levels 1-6 (delivered over course timeframe)


Levels 1-6 (delivered over course timeframe)
Indonesia: State and Society
Indonesia and the World
Politics of Indonesia
Major Issues in Contemporary Indonesia

Levels 1-6 (delivered over course timeframe)
Byzantine World 1
Byzantine World 2
Modern Greek Cultural Studies 1
Modern Greek Cultural Studies 2

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Indigenous Cultural Studies

The study of indigenous knowledge systems and cultures will provide you with the ability to operate within the guidelines of Indigenous protocols both nationally and globally to ensure and safeguard the advancement, transmission, and preservation of Indigenous knowledge systems.


Introduction to Yolngu Languages and Culture

Yolngu Languages and Culture 2

Yolngu Life and Literature

Yolngu Matha Conversation

Yolngu Texts and Conversations 2

Cultural Transactions: Communication and Negotiation

Indigenous Language Project


Linguistics for Indigenous Languages 1 & 2

Language in Society

Resource Production and use

Indigenous Language Maintenance and Revitalisation

Linguistic Applications for Indigenous Languages Analysis

Language Centre Management

Community Language Planning

Dictionary-MakingLanguages in Contact


Indigenous People, Society and Culture

Colonising Australia

Indigenous Policymaking

Indigenous Knowledge: Representing and Recording Country

Indigenous Governance and Leadership

Indigenous Policy Principles and Practice

Indigenous People and Social System

Race and Policy

Indigenous Knowledge Project


Indigenous Land and Resources

Ethics and Protocols in Indigenous Contexts

Language Maintenance and Identity

Indigenous Knowledge: Representing and Recording Country

Indigenous Engagements: Land and Water

Indigenous Cultures and the Environment

Impact Assessment and Management of Cultural sites

Global Perspectives on Indigenous Land and Sea Management

Indigenous Knowledge Project

Creative Arts

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) is a multi-disciplinary course with strong local and regional links in both industry and the broader arts community. The degree offerings build on the University's unique location in Northern Australia and adjacent to Southeast Asia. 

The course offers three majors in Music, Screen and New Media Production and Visual Arts. Within the disciplines of digital media and visual art there is a seamless progression from VET to undergraduate to post-graduate study.

The course offers flexible options for study that lets students engage at their own pace within their discipline area. Enhanced learning experiences offered through industry and community engagement are a highlight; with activities such as workshops, studio adn practice based learning environments, guest speakers, seminars, events, work simulated and situated learning, open forums, peformances, studetn and professional exhibitions across the disciplines.

There is strong industry demand for graduates in the creative arts fields including government and non-government organisations, private industry and indivudal practice with continued high demand for primary and secondary teachers in the creative arts disciplines.

The Bachelor of Creative Arts and Industries (Honours) is available for entry to suitable candidates with a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a credit averate or higher with a view to post-graduate study.

BCA_MUSICBachelor of Creative Arts (Music) offers specialisations in piano, voice, and guitar and aims to produce highly skilled and musically adaptable graduates equipped to enter professional life in the areas of professional musicianship, stage management, teaching and other educational roles, music research, film and community performance. CDU has close music partnerships and participation with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra and the Darwin Chorale Centre for Youth and Community Music (CYCM) reflecting its broader role in providing adult and youth music education.


Theory of Music 1-4

Applied Music Practice (Piano, Guitar or Voice) 1-6

History of Music 1 & 2

Second Instrument or Voice


BCA_ScreenAndNewMediaBachelor of Creative Arts (Screen and New Media Production) focuses on screen industry craft, knowledge and skills to equip students for work in the creative industries of film, television, digital media production and media design. Throughout the course students apply conceptual, theoretical and historical understanding to a broad range of screen and new media design projects. With access to high-end facilities, utilizing the latest technologies in production hardware and graphic/media design software, students are exposed to professional processes, protocols and production practices. The creation of a substantial portfolio of creative work and pathways into industry practice are emphasized in this course.


Introduction to Screen Media

Introduction to Media Design

Screen Production 1 & 2

Sound Recording and Design 1 & 2
Digital Media Design Studio 1 & 2
Digital Media Project 1 & 2

Fundamentals of Marketing

Computing Fundamentals


Marketing Communications

Mobile Webs Structures

Database Concepts

Photography and Digital Arts

Design in Context

BCA_VISUALARTSBachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) is a contextual studio-based area of study which provides students with the opportunity to specialise in painting, printmaking, digital media, sculpture and/or drawing, developing the critical tools and material skills necessary to build professional careers either as visual artists or visual arts professional in related fields. This is supported through a vibrant visiting forum of guest speakers, together with our partnership with Northern Editions and the CDU Art Gallery and Collection, provide an exciting and stimulating learning environment.


Visual Arts Foundation 1 & 2

VA Intermediate Studio 1 & 2

Contemporary Art (International)

VA Advanced Studio 1 & 2

Contemporary Art 2 (Regional)

Visual Arts Project

Visual Arts Methods

Visual Arts Feature


Painting & Textile Arts

Photography & Digital rAts

Sculpture & Drawing


The Bachelor of Design (BDES) course develops theoretical and practical skills in the design of the built environment as well as skills in computer-aided design and the preparation of design and documentation drawings. The focus is placed upon the special requirements for architecture, interior design and building construction in hot-humid tropical environments. The skills gained in this course will equip graduates to fulfil roles int he architecture and interior design industry. Other opportunities include further study leading to a degree in architecture and registration as an architect.


Design Studio 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
Design and Representation in Architecture
Architectural Technology and Environment 1, 2, and 3
Design in Context
Tropical Architecture Design Studio
Architecture, Design, Culture and Space

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