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CDU School Scholars Program

TheCDUSSP Logo Charles Darwin University School Scholars Program (CDUSSP) is designed to both enrich and extend the provision of educational opportunities for high achieving senior secondary students and celebrate their successes. The CDUSSP is a new initiative offered through CDU to advance opportunities for high achieving senior students to explore and experience pathways to university degree programs and research, in one or more disciplines, aligned to their strengths and interests.

The CDUSSP aims to:

  • Deliver academic and  career  pathway opportunities and outcomes for senior secondary students in the Northern Territory through the alignment of school, higher education, and industry sector resources and expertise; 
  • Familiarise students with the educational facilities at CDU and promote tertiary education in the Northern Territory; 
  • Contribute to teacher professional  development  in deeper subject content possibilities and differentiated learning provision for high ability students; 
  • Provide Advance Standing (university credit points) to senior years students for NTCET subjects they are undertaking.

For a breif outline of the program: download the CDUSSP Flyer (PDF 2.82MB).    CDUSSP Thumbnail Flyer Side A CDUSSP Thumbnail Flyer Side B

This new initiative offered through CDU advances opportunities for high achieving senior students to explore and experience pathways to university degree programs and research.

Students select a discipline aligned to their strengths and interests. They are grouped with like-minded students from their own or other NT senior schools and are assigned a university mentor. CDUSSP students experience rich, targeted activities to accelerate their learning in line with their interests and abilities.

  • School of Environment Secondary students exploring area of science

The University's School of Environment is responsible for teaching and research in the fields of biological science, biomedical science, environmental science, chemical science - head to the CDUSSP - School of Environment page to find out more.

  • School of Engineering and Information Technology Secondary student exploring area of IT

The School of Engineering and Information Technology is a fascinating field of applied science and IT where creativity, innovation and design play major roles. Utilising state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, such as mobile technology, we equip our students for seamless integration into their chosen field.

Research focuses on areas related to biomedical engineering, mechatronics, microwave photonics, mining technology, oil and gas, parameterized complexity, renewable energy, structural engineering, wireless technologies, water engineering and 21st century learning spaces - head to the CDUSSP - School of Engineering and Information Technology page to find out more.



"Welcome to the first bi-annual CDU School Scholars newsletter. This is an opportunity to share progress and opportunities provided by this exciting program."

CDUSSP Newsletter July 17 thumbnailCDUSSP Newsletter July 17 thumbnail 2CDUSSP Newsletter July 17 thumbnail 3

Download and view the full CDUSSP Newsletter July 2017 (PDF 726KB)


NT high achievers set course for future

Issue 3 - Monday, 27 March 2017

By Leanne Miles

E-News - NT high achievers set course for future thumbnail

"The students took part in a wildlife talk and tour to learn about research on threatened species and had a glimpse into clinical simulation and hands on activities including critical care, clinical invasive procedures and infection control."

"Students also attended workshops in the areas of exercise and sport science, engineering, arts and design, business and economics, humanities and social sciences, nursing, computing and information technology, music and creative arts, education and teaching, and law and legal studies."

View the full story here

Keeping Informed

School Scholars, parents and teachers can keep up to date with events, notices and more through the CDUSSP Facebook page.

Please like our page and follow us now: CDU School Scholars (@cdussp) CDUSSP Facebook Page


Advertising of events, learning opportunities as well as CDUSSP information is sent to a mailing list. If you would like your email details added to this list please notify CDUSSP staff via email.

The HS - Earth 2050 Flyer ThumbnailThe Human Society – Earth 2050

"A self-directed futuristic exploratory study: this 16 week academic unit of learning encourages School Scholars to explore a chosen discipline area through a futuristic lens while developing academic literacy skills and knowledge."

DATE: Commenced Monday, June 19th, 2017 | Online

For more information, view The HS - Earth 2050 Flyer.


Images of Greatness

Images of Greatness thumbnail

"The Images of Greatness learning opportunity allows School Scholars to explore the concept of giftedness through the lenses of an eminent person. School Scholars will learn about their own strengths of character and areas for growth, incorporate their own knowledge and skills and apply this knowledge to the entire scope of their learning experience."

DATE: Monday, August 21st, 2017 | 8:30am – 12:30pm

For School Scholars who are interested in participating they can forward their expression of interest no later than Friday August 4th via email.

For more information, view the Images of Greatness Flyer.


2 Day Learning Intensive

2 Day Learning Intensive thumbnail

"School Scholars are invited to participate in an on-campus 2-day learning intensive during the last two days of term 3."

Opportunities provided during the intensive include:

  • A presentation and workshop by youth motivational speaker and mindset coach Nathan Hulls
  • Cultural awareness session 
  • Q & A sessions with CDU lecturers and industry spokespeople
  • Tours of the CDU Business School, Menzies School of Health Research and CDU Environmental research areas.

This 2 day intensive will be held on the following dates where School Scholar's participation will be supported and organised through their school.

DATE: Thursday, September 28th, 2017 | 9:30am - 4:00pm
           Friday, September 29th, 2017 | 8:30am - 4:00pm

For more information, view the 2 Day Learning Intensive Flyer.

CDU Open Day - Sunday, August 20th, 2017 

Open Day - School Scholar's Invitation 2017

As part of this year’s Charles Darwin University Open Day we would like to invite the CDU School Scholars students to attend a pre-Open Day event specifically for secondary school students. This event will be an official welcome to the day and will include important information to help students make the most out of Open Day.

TIME: 9.30am-10.00am (followed by Open Day 10.00am – 2.00pm)

For School Scholar's who would like to attend the Pre-Open day event, please RSVP to via email before Friday, August 4th 2017, along with a signed talent release form attached

For more information, view the Open Day - School Scholar's Invitation 2017 or check out the CDU Open Day website.


CDUSSP Leave Your Mark Slogan Competition

Do you want to leave your stamp on the CDU School Scholars Program? We think it’s time that the CDU School Scholars Program had a slogan so we are inviting School Scholars to develop and submit a CDUSSP slogan.

The winning entry will receive a $100 CDU Bookshop voucher and have their slogan included on all marketing materials such as the CDUSSP website and Facebook page, newsletters and flyers. Slogans are to:

  • Be no more than eight words in length
  • Represent the essence of the program
  • Be inclusive of all School Scholars

All entries are to be submitted by 4:00pm Wednesday August 30th via email (late entries will not be accepted).

The winner will be notified by email and announced on our Facebook page on Wednesday 6th, September, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is selected to engage in this program and why?

Senior secondary student are selected in year 10 based on the year 9 NAPLAN results. The Northern Territory (NT) Department of Education is responsible for identifying and inviting the top 100 students from across NT government schools.

  • What happens next?

The enrolment process includes the following steps:

  1. Selected students will firstly receive a letter of invitation to enrol in the CDUSSP. This letter of invitation will be endorsed by both the Deputy Chief Executive of the NT Department of Education and the Vice Chancellor of Charles Darwin University. Letters of invitation will be distributed through select senior student schools.
  2. Students wishing to accept the letter of invitation will complete an online enrolment form (can also be accessed under the Students tab listed below).
  3. Students will then forward the completed form via email and will receive a confirmation email once their enrolment has been received.
  4. Senior students will then be encouraged to enrol within two weeks of accepting their letter of invitation. If student do not enrol within this time period, their place will be given to another student.

Senior secondary students who enrol in the CDU School Scholars Program remain in the program for the duration of their senior secondary studies unless they choose otherwise. On completion of their studies they become a member of the CDUSSP Alumni. This membership allows them to retain networks developed throughout their time in the program and provides opportunity to engage with and support new School Scholars.

  • What fees do I need to pay?

There are no fees applicable for CDU School Scholars to enrol in or participate in the CDU School Scholars Program. Occasionally School Scholars will be asked to supply their own lunch while on campus.

Cost for travel from remote areas as well as accommodation will be supplied through the program.

  • Is there a CDUSSP course guide I can obtain?

The School Scholars Program Guide 2017/2018 is currently in the making. Once completed, it will be fully accessible via this site: watch this space! The course guide will be an informative resource for current and potential NT school scholar students, parents and/or guardians, as well as the teachers and school leaders of students who have been invited to enrol and participate in the program.

  • What if I want to cancel my enrolment?

School Scholars can cancel their enrolment in the program at any time. It is encouraged that the School Scholar first discusses their decision with parents and teachers before making a final decision. If the choice is to cancel their enrolment they must send an email to the CDUSSP coordinator stating their intention to cancel enrolment and provide a brief explanation of why.

  • CDU Student ID library card

As a CDU School Scholar, Charles Darwin University has provided you with an exclusive opportunity to access university services usually reserved for fee-paying students.

This includes a unique CDU Student Identity card, which will provide you with access to the CDU library allowing the use of printing and online facilities, as well as the CDU Learnline and the online student learning space.

Student ID cards are issued to students free of charge. A $15 administration fee will apply when a lost card is replaced. Stolen cards can be replaced free of charge when the application is accompanied by a police incident number.

Note: You will be required to have your card on you at all times whenever you are officially on CDU grounds.

  • Online enrolment

Before you can use your student ID card you are required to activate your CDU computer account online. Once you received your student ID card - you should shortly after receive an email as below and promptly follow instructions.  If you do not receive this email, please do not hesistate to contact us and we will solve this as soon as possible.

Please note activation of your account must be done before you can use the University library computers, the internet or the online facilities.

CDUSSP Student ID - Activation Instructions

CDUSSP Student ID cards - Instructions to Activate

  • How will I know when to attend campus?

Dates and information to attend campus will be sent to School Scholars and senior secondary support staff through mail post or email. There is also an Activities & Events tab via this site, and a CDUSSP Facebook page where all notifications and updates are posted. Formal campus visits will be kept to a minimum to limit disruption for the senior student's school attendance.

If you have any concerns relating to any of these issues, please contact us on:

T: (08) 8946 7255


- or instantly message us via our Facebook Page

For all general enquries and issues please contact:

Sonya Mackenzie

CDUSSP Coordinator

CDUSSP Coordinator

E: | P: (08) 8946 7450 | or instantly message via the CDUSSP Facebook Page

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CDUSSP Students Students and Secondary Schools

High achieving senior students are identified through NT Department of Education student data and formally invited by Charles Darwin University to enrol as CDUSSP members (through their schools or colleges).

Previous selected students who engaged in the program were from the following NT senior schools:

  • Darwin High School
  • Casuarina Senior College
  • Nhulunbuy High School
  • Taminmin Senior College
  • Palmerston Senior College
  • Katherine High School

Please note: The CDUSSP is not open for enrolment to all students. This program is only open to students on official invite by the NT Department of Education.

CDUSSP Application form thumbnail


Students are offered extended learning opportunities based on areas of interest aligned to CDU faculty careers and supported by CDUSSP mentors in a connected learning network. CDUSSP Alumni members will be encouraged to become mentors for future CDUSSP students.


Do you possess the willingness to share your skills, knowledge, and expertise? A good mentor is willing to teach what he or she knows and has the patience to support mentees where they currently are in their professional development. Good mentors can remember what it was like just starting out in the field.


  • Obtain personal satisfaction from making a difference to the career development of another person
  • Enhance your people skills in areas such as leadership, interpersonal skills and communication
  • Increase your professional networks
  • Hear fresh perspectives from future members of your profession
  • Increase your profile and the profile of your organisation among CDUSSP students and staff


Contact us and we'll get back to you instantly.

Two teachers talking about their students and looking at who the program best serves.Teachers

Teachers of high achieving senior years’ students are provided with opportunities to network and engage in professional learning to increase their capacity to provide enriched, accelerated and differentiated learning experiences for their senior college students.

Two senior students who participate in the CDUSSP CDUSSP Alumni

Senior students who participate in the CDUSSP are recognised as members of the Alumni of Charles Darwin University School Scholars encouraging strong lifelong connections to the University, to participate in university events, receive updates as they develop their careers.