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Start a student group

In 6 simple steps, your group could be up and going in no time! 

Start a Student Group

You have decided to start a Group! Awesome! 

We will take you through in detail what you need to do in order to affiliate your group with CDU. Applying for affiliation has six steps.  When you are completing an affiliation application it is important to meet each requirement, otherwise your application may take longer to be assessed, or you may be asked to repeat parts of the affiliation process for approval to be granted. 

Your first steps in creating a Student Group should be:

Step 1: Think of an idea for a group

Think of something you are passionate about and ready to commit to, something that other students would want to join.

Make sure that a group with a very similar name, purpose, objectives or activities does not already exist (see the list of the current Student Groups or speak with the Student Leadership Officer).

Step 2: Tell your friends

Ensure you have enough members. You need a minimum of 10 currently enrolled students to establish a group.

You should also consider how you may promote your group to other students in various campuses and those students studying externally to allow for maximum reach to all students. It's important to note that the University will also ask for evidence of student membership when considering your application.

Step 3: Have a chat to the Student Leadership Officer

Our Student Leadership Officer is here to help.

Please send them an email or give them a call on (08) 8946 7678 to organise a time to catch up so they can ensure that you're on the right track to get your group up and running.

Step 4: Draft your group rules

Student Groups must have a set of club rules, otherwise known as a constitution.

To make it easier we have created this Template Constitution (DOCX, 499.44 KB) (DOCX, 499.44 KB) for you to use.

The Student Leadership Officer is available to assist you to build a constitution, please contact via email to set up a time to discuss further.

Step 5: Run a meeting

Before you submit your application you will need to hold a meeting to decide things such as, who will be the president, will you have a membership fee and all the other essential details for running your club.

This initial meeting is also known as an inaugural general meeting (IGM).

See Group Resources for tips on how to run an IGM.

Step 6: Submit application

Apply now


  • Semester 1: Due before Friday 25 March 2022
  • Semester 2: Due before Friday 26 August 2022

The Student Leadership Officer will contact you regarding the outcome of the application, 2 weeks after the closing date.