Guitar Ensemble

Modern arrangements for guitar experimenting with chords, guitar percussion, bass lines, melodies, and some improvisation.

The group will start out with a simple blues melody to learn group dynamics, and a three chord pop song with accompanying melody. Depending on the groups interests and strengths songs can be chosen from the Top 40 hits or even movie soundtracks ex. Michael Jackson to Ed Sheehan or the Star Wars Theme or a Disney Medley. 

Also experimenting with creating ambient textures, chords and melodies with the group/ by listening to each other and improvising. Understanding group dynamics by listening while playing will be a big focus to ensure a beautiful sounding performance at the end of the term.

Work the groups strengths and interests, also making sure that everyone learns new skills and strengthen the skills already learnt.

Acoustic (Pop/Folk) - Electric (Jazz/Blues)

Specialties also include: Singing while Playing, Songwriting, Guitar Percussion, and Live Looping.

Interested participants to have their skills accessed, please email the CYCM Office to arrange an interview and to discuss the material and expectations for the Guitar Ensemble.

Every Tuesday 6pm until 7pm, commencing Tuesday 15th May.


Age Range

8 – 80


Beginner to advanced level


To enable students to listen to themselves and each other.

To teach participants to respond to direction from the conductor.

To improve participants reading skills.