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Prepare to teach

Charles Darwin University offers a range of nationally accredited initial teacher education programs at the undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Nationally accredited courses will generally allow graduates to seek registration in all Australian states and/or territories as a teacher.

All initial teacher education programs at Charles Darwin University are guided by professional teaching standards and aim to graduate ‘ready to teach’ students. Commensurate with this aim, students enrolled in any of our undergraduate teacher education programs will be required to undertake some level of practical and supervised teaching experience in real teaching schools, in order to prepare them for careers in teaching.

Undergraduate Courses:

Postgraduate Courses:

Non-teaching awards - take your career to the next level

Charles Darwin University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate non-teaching education programs. These education programs respond to the need for professionals working in areas relevant to education to develop their capabilities, knowledge, research and leadership skills. The courses are especially relevant, but not limited to, to people interested in teacher education, education policies, technical and vocational education and training, and higher education

Undergraduate non-teaching course

Postgraduate non-teaching courses