Student teacher and children in classroom

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning Inservice (Early Childhood)

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30 Days

5-8 year old school setting
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30 Days

5-8 year old school setting

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Common ages

The name for the first year of primary school varies considerably between states and territories. Please refer to Australian compulsory school years (JPEG 141KB).

There are two professional experience blocks of 30 days each that require full-time commitment.

NT students have professional experience organised and confirmed for them following nomination, while external students normally nominate and complete their professional experience in their home town.

All students are encouraged to undertake some professional experience in remote or alternative locations.

ECP110 Teaching & Learning 1 (30 days in a 5-8 year old school setting)
ECP120 Teaching & Learning 2 (30 days in a 5-8 year old school setting)

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