Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (GDTL)

UnitsDays RequiredRequirementsWeekly GuidelinesForms

ETP501 (ETP410)

10 DaysETP501 Requirements (docx 26KB)ETP501 Guidelines (docx 29KB)

ETP501 Form A (docx 38KB )

ETP501 Form B (docx 34KB)

ETP501 Form C (docx 67KB)

ETP502 (ETP420)

10 DaysETP502 Requirements (docx 26KB)ETP502 Guidelines (docx 28KB)

ETP502 Form A (docx 38KB)

ETP502 Form B (docx 36KB)

ETP502 Form C (docx 71KB)

ETP503 (ETP425)10 DaysETP503 Requirements (docx 29KB)ETP503 Guidelines (docx 27KB)

ETP503 Form A (docx 38KB)

ETP503 Form B (docx 34KB)

ETP503 Form C (docx 69KB)


*for students
&503 concurrently

Concurrent Requirements (docx 35KB)

Concurrent Guidelines (docx 32KB)

Concurrent Form A (docx 50KB)

Concurrent Form B (docx 41KB)

Concurrent Form C (docx 57KB)

ETP506 (ETP426)

10 WeeksETP506 Requirements (docx 26KB)ETP506 Guidelines (docx 29KB)

ETP506 Form A (docx 137KB)

ETP506 Form B (docx 37KB)

ETP506 Form C (docx 77KB)

Common ages

The name for the first year of primary school varies considerably between states and territories. Please refer to Australian compulsory school years (JPEG 141KB).

The course can be completed in one year of full time intensive study over the calendar year. Students are required to complete a suite of core education units. The course is practical in nature and all students have regular contact with an assigned school.

ETP501 (ETP410) Teaching & Learning 1/Essential Learnings (10 days)
ETP502 (ETP420) Teaching & Learning 2/Child and Adolescent Development (10 days)
ETP503 (ETP425) Teaching & Learning 3/Assessment and Reporting (10 days)
ETP506 (ETP426) Teaching & Learning 6/Theory to Practice (10 weeks)

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