Mentor resources

Placement Handbook

Placement Handbook

Targeted Support Plan (Doc 16 KB)

Procedures for Reporting Degrees of ConcernProcedures for Reporting Degrees of Concern (PDF 385KB)
Feedback Forms and SuggestionsMentor Teacher Lesson Feedback (PDF 128KB)
Mentor Teacher Professional Experience Feedback (PDF 64KB)
Feedback for The Preservice Teacher (PDF 161KB)
Preservice Teacher Feedback Guide( PDF 162KB)
Written feedback for Preservice Teachers (PDF 117KB)
Practicum feedback rubric (PDF 108KB)
The Professional Learning Leaders (PLL)PLL manages the operations of the school (NT Schools)

CDU's liability cover extends to authorised Charles Darwin University activity. Students on prescribed placements are engaged in authorised CDU activity. Students on placement are covered with Public liability and Personal Accident. The circumstances of any incident and any liability would vary. CDU will not automatically accept liability. Please refer to:

School Mentor Selection CriteriaTeaching School Mentor Selection Criteria (PDF 67KB)
The Mentor TeacherMentor teacher provides students access to his or her classroom/learnline environment for the purposes of mentoring and supporting development of teaching skills.
Mentor Teacher Role Description (PDF 83KB)