Overseas placement

Overseas placement

Charles Darwin University requires students enrolled in education courses to undertake placement periods at suitable schools.

In Australia these schools are accredited schools and conform to Australian teaching standards. Students also have opportunity to take their placement overseas.

Schools situated externally to Australia must meet the following criteria:

  • the school must be an international school
  • the school must have English speaking classes and staff
  • the School must align itself to curricula of Australia, Canada, United Kingdom or the United States of America
  • the school must be able to verify its accreditation in the country of operation and provide a website for authentication.

**Prior to nominating an international placement, students must submit information regarding the school to the Office of Professional Experience and Placement for verification.

International Professional Experience Opportunity 

Expressions of interest are invited for students who wish to experience part or whole placement opportunity in Malaysia in May 2017. This opportunity offers 10 days of Professional Experience for CDU students in an international school in Penang, Malaysia. 

Dates: 15-26 May 2017

Schools: Tenby international school, Penang

Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary specialisations (science, social science, maths and PE).

Interested students will ideally be those in their 3rd or 4th years of teacher education studies and who can demonstrate sound academic and prior placement success. Please send your registration of interest (maximum one page) to jenny.buckworth@cdu.edu.au by cob March 20, 2017. 

Financial assistance is available through OS help – up to $7,880 (http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/studyassist/helppayingmyfees/os-help_overseas_study/pages/os-help-loans-and-study-overseas) with some supporting funds offered by CDU’s School of Education. 

For more information please email jenny.buckworth@cdu.edu.au