Remote Placement

Remote School Professional Experience Placements

Remote placements in Teaching Schools are to be arranged through CDU. Please see list of Remote Teaching Schools (PDF 448KB) about information on Remote schools.

  • Placements in remote schools will be available for 2nd, 3rd or final placements.
  • No less than two pre-service teachers at one time will be placed in a remote school.
  • Pre-Service Teachers interested in a remote placement will need to complete the EOI application (docx 23KB) and read the Remote Ready (PDF 4041KB) and You're in New Country - Learning Both Ways (PDF 8387KB) handbooks.
  • If accepted students will be required to undertake a two hour intensive session with the Teaching Experience team to ensure that you are remote ready.
  • Travel will be Darwin to remote community and return only – CDU will cover costs up to $1000 for travel only

If you are interested in a remote school placement please contact Pauline Schober, Teaching Schools Coordinator for more details:
T: 08 8946 6908