Welcome to students

Welcome to your program in the School of Education at Charles Darwin University. We are very pleased that you have chosen to take up teaching as a career and selected Charles Darwin University as the place to complete your studies.

I am sure that your experience will be a rewarding, productive and memorable experience.

Starting your program is the first step towards a lifelong career in teaching and education.

It is also an entry into a profession with high ideals about promoting individual and social improvement and making a difference in people's lives.

We pride ourselves in producing work-ready graduates who are capable of creating environments typified by high quality teaching and learning.

The challenge is to ensure that you, like other participants in this program, will attain the new graduate standards for teachers and gain employment in teaching.

The first year that you are just starting may be a challenging experience on a number of levels, particularly if you are involved in fulltime study with other commitments such as work and family.

You are now undertaking study for entry into a profession and there are a range of new challenges in meeting the demands of multiple deadlines and assessment tasks as well as the dimensions of the professional  standards.

Most of you are studying in the online mode and this will require a totally new set of challenges.

Many students who have successfully completed their programs and have entered the profession have made some helpful suggestions that I will recommend to you:

  • stay in touch with your lecturers and the university administration and if you have enquiries do not be afraid to ask for help - staff at the university will try their best to support you
  • use the facilities and support services to assist you develop good work and study routines -there are services such as learning support, the library and the counselling services that are there to help you and can provide valuable advice
  • be patient with yourself and see your course as a process of phased development and growing expertise
  • allocate specific time to your studies and be disciplined about using that time regularly so that you do not get behind in your course
  • obtain an identified study area within your own home and have your own computer and space for your course materials if possible
  • be prepared and organised, knowing what tasks are scheduled for assessment in all your subjects is essential for a stress-free learning journey
  • don't see yourself as being alone, there are many people that are engaged in the learning process and this includes other students who should be seen as professional colleagues in the journey that you are on
  • stay engaged with the program, your lecturers, other students, mentor teachers and university staff and be determined about completing the course
  • become involved in university activities and become part of the university experience.

Some of these tips may seem simple but they have worked for our successful graduates.

Once again congratulations on joining us in your professional journey to become a teacher.

Professor Greg Shaw
Dean, College of Education
Charles Darwin University