Recently completed projects

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Examples of completed theses are available at CDU Library eSpace - search for 'honours theses'

Rudge, M (2015) Tree increment and fluvial export as carbon sink pathways in high rainfall savanna of north Australia

Steinig, E (2015) Global phylogenomics of Staphylococcus aureus sequence type 772

Taylor, J (2015) Use of Otolith Microchemistry to Investigate Connectivity and Population Structure of Golden Snapper (Lutjanus johnii) in the Northern Territory

Ridley, J (2015) Distribution, habitat associations and activity of great desert skinks (tjakura; Liopholis kintorei) in relation to fire and vegetation cover

Goddard, M (2015) Mangrove surface elevation dynamics and carbon burial in Darwin Harbour

Lal, K (2014) Mapping land use over the greater Darwin region from Landsat satellite imagery - a multi-temporal assessment of change from 1980-2010

Spargo, J (2014) Investigating age associated CD4+ CD25+CD127lowFoxp3+ regulatory T cells (Treg) during acute uncomplicated P. knowlesi malaria.

Zhou, H (2014) Has Amalgamation Delivered Better Financial Performance for Local Government in the Northern Territory, Australia?

Russell, A (2014) The occurrence of the melioidosis agent Burkholderia pseudomallei in scats from captive and wild animals in the Darwin region

Herath, Y (2014) Rehabilitation of Utricularia and Framework Species After Sand Extraction at the Howard Springs Sand Plains

Schubert, A (2014) Does fire or productivity drive relative bark thickness from desert to savanna in northern Australia?

Goodale, E (2014) Wavelet Analysis of Climate Variability and Savanna Land-Atmosphere Interactions during the 20th Century

Gleadhill, S (2014) Validating inertial sensors to create a monitoring system for resistance exercise: small technology helping to fix a big problem

Clarke, J (2014) The role of fire in the ecology and conservation of the Black Grasswren (Amytornis housei) in the northwest Kimberley, Australia

Doidge, C (2014) Fish spawning and recruitment in a large floodplain river in the wet-dry tropics of northern Australia: are low flows important?

Puig, G (2014) Relationships between habitat and gecko toe pad morphology.

Oughton, S (2014) Movements of Forktail Catfish in the Daly River, Northern Territory, as determined by Otolith Chemistry Analysis.

Moore, R (2014) Characterising poxvirus in saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) and its effect on belly skins.

Gurra, A (2013) Saltwater crocodile nest temperature at Melacca Swamp, NT, and the implications of climate change

Johnson, G (2013) A novel field method to reliably distinguish between two cryptic carcharhinid sharks

Webb, J (2013) Quantification of respiratory pathogens in lower airways of Indigenous children with bronchiectasis

Munro, K (2013) The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on the Excitability and Plasticity of the Motor Cortex

Intarapanya, M (2013) The incidence and clinical implications of HPV infection in Oral and Oropharyngeal cancers in the NT

Mbuzukongira, B (2013) Prospective analysis of the nutritional status of chemo-radiotherapy patients

Lilleyman, A (2012) The Need for Undisturbed High-tide Roosts for Migratory Shorebirds in Darwin

Bell, D (2011) Temporal patterns in beetle assemblages in a central Australian floodplain habitat: the influence of climate.

Martin, A (2011) The effect of the menstrual cycle phases and hormonal contraception on athletic performance.

Strobel, K (2011) Acid rock drainage microbiology: living on the edge.

Young, L (2011) The effects of the invasive grass, Cenchurs ciliaris (Buffel Grass), on the habitat use and behaviour of birds in semi-arid central Australia.

Byers, L (2010) Kalkukatjara children: child rearing practices in a remote central Australian aboriginal community.

Heames, L (2010) Physical stability and in vitro release profiles: a comparison of moclobemide tablets from commercial brands.

Johnson, P (2010) Characterization of symmetric difference closed collections on [n].

Leppitt, A (2010) Aquatic vegetation change and its implications for management at Fogg Dam wetland.

Moore, A (2010) Rainforest restoration and ant community responses: what can ants tell us about forest recovery?

Ripcke, M (2010) The effects of pile driving induced vibrations on sea turtle embyrogenesis.

Orchard, K (2008) Water-use efficiency and growth in northern Australian tree species.

Rope, K (2008) Chemical and biological spatial and temporal patterns over one year at Rapid Creek, Darwin.

Ford, M (2009) Habitat, foraging behaviour and diet of the endangered lizard Egernia slateri slateri.

Green, K (2009) Ammonia oxidising bacteria and associated physicochemical characteristics in waste stabilization ponds in the Wet-Dry tropics.

Lai, J (2009) Advancing Pneumonia diagnostic in children: validation of a diagnostic quantitative real-time PCR.

Rose, A (2009) The alginate-immobilization technique for three species of microalgae: algal growth, bead stability and wastewater treatment.

Jupp, I (2007) A non-lethal method for estimating age and habitat use in Australian Sawfish populations.

Medley, P (2007) Development of a new method for radium-228 determination and its application to bush foods.

Neave, M (2007) The diversity and abundance of Polychaeta (Annelida) in disturbed and undisturbed mangrove and tidal mudflats of Darwin Harbour.

Sharrock W (2007) A novel medium throughput in vitro Plasmodium drug assay.