EHSE Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment

All members of the University - staff, students and visitors - have a responsibility to themselves and others to ensure a safe and healthy work and learning environment.

A safe work and learning environment can be achieved through complying with relevant University Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) policies and procedures, taking reasonable care to prevent injury, and the reporting of accidents, incidents and hazards.

The Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment (EHSE) encourages members of the University community to act on and respond to hazards and risks promptly and as close to the operational level as possible, by involving Supervisors, Managers or Heads of Schools directly responsible for the area affected. 

Matters that affect the Faculty as a whole and lie outside the responsibility or resources of Managers or Heads of Schools may be reported through one of several systems in place for addressing WHS at the University:

  • The Workplace Health and Safety Committee (WHSC) for the Faculty of EHSE is a consultative committee advising the Pro Vice Chancellor that assists in the formulation, dissemination and review of procedures and programs with the aim of improving health and safety at CDU. It reviews WHS reports and monitors workplace hazards and the effectiveness and appropriateness of measures taken to protect health and safety.
  • Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) are elected by the employees of respective University Work Groups for a term of three years, and also play an integral role in the process of consultation with and representation of employees on health and safety matters.
  • The University Workplace Health and Safety team provides support and advice on the University's overall WHS program and pursues a proactive risk management approach to issues.

More information about Faculty Health and Safety can be found under our Policies and Procedures webpage.