Technical Services


What we do

The Technical Services team provides technical and scientific support across the Faculty of EHSE to an extremely wide range of laboratory and field-based teaching disciplines, including engineering, IT, biological sciences, chemical sciences, pharmacy, exercise and sport science, clinical sciences, environmental sciences, midwifery and nursing.

Technical officers work collaboratively with academic and administrative staff to produce high quality educational outcomes and learning experience for teaching and research staff and students.

In summary, we provide:

  • Essential technical and scientific support for undergraduate laboratory sessions in partnership with academic staff
  • Expert technical and scientific assistance during the delivery of undergraduate laboratory and teaching sessions
  • Essential technical and scientific support for postgraduate students, researchers or research groups
  • Specialist technical support for research, analytical instrumentation and related activities
  • Advice on Workplace Health and Safety for School and Faculty activities and facilities, including the management of EHSE’s Workplace Health & Safety Committee (WHSC).
  • Science, Environment, Health and Engineering store services for teaching and research
  • Specialist input to laboratory design and construction
  • Timetabling of laboratory classes in conjunction with the University's Examinations and Timetabling Group.

We provide input into all areas of the Faculty of EHSE in which scientific and/or technically related activities are conducted. This includes all teaching laboratories, technical stores and special facilities such as animal facilities, radiation and poison stores, AQIS facilities and waste management areas. There is also provision of technical knowledge to Faculty’s WHSC and Assets Management.

We are also committed to support and be involved in Community Engagement activities such as school visits and Science Experience Week amongst others.​

Our scope of work

For General Inquiries: