Aggressive behaviour

agressive behaviour iconThe expression of violence takes many forms, ranging from physical assault and verbal abuse to intimidation and low level threatening behaviour.

If you observe a violent or threatening person, if safe to do so, call Security on 1800 646 501 or contact your supervisor/lecturer and report what you have observed and where you saw it.

Do not try to approach or physically subdue the person yourself.

Suggested actions to take when confronted:

  • If confronted, obey instructions if safe to do so – keep calm
  • Remove yourself and others from immediate danger if safe to do so
  • Do not argue or provoke the person
  • Do not attempt to physically restrain the person
  • Ensure the safety of staff, students and others - back away and alert others to move away
  • If possible, try to put or keep a physical barrier between you and the person (e.g. a desk, table, vehicle)
  • Make it easy for the person to leave the building/area

If the person appears psychotic - unusual behaviour, saying odd things:

  • Try and create a calm, non-threatening atmosphere. Reduce distractions - turn off noisy equipment - TV, radio, music and/or computer monitors
  • Talk slowly, quietly, firmly and simply
  • Avoid direct eye contact, do not get too close
  • Avoid threatening body language or gestures
  • If you can get the person to calm down, try to get them to sit down with you
  • Do not try to reason with psychosis. The person may be acting this way because of hallucinations and voices that they are hearing that are very real to them
  • Express empathy for the person's emotional distress, but do not pretend that the delusions or voices are real for you
  • Comply with reasonable requests

Call Security:

As soon as possible, call Security on 1800 646 501 and report the location and details of events.

  • Advise Security of any unusual behaviour and all you observed. Seek advice on next action
  • State if incident involves staff, students, visitors or others
  • State if medical or other assistance is required
  • Write down all you observed for police
  • Be prepared to evacuate or secure the building/area - await further instructions from Security

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