Armed robbery

armed robbery iconDuring the incident

  • Try to remain calm
  • Remove yourself and others from immediate danger if safe to do so
  • If not directly involved, stay out of it
  • Obey instructions – do not argue and agitate
  • Avoid sudden movement - be deliberate in your actions
  • Avoid direct eye contact
  • Try to remember everything about the person, such as distinguishing features, hair, height, voice, scars, tattoos, piercings, gender, race, mannerisms, etc.
  • Any weapons used
  • Anything touched or taken
  • If a vehicle is used, try to get the registration number, type of vehicle, colour and escape route - only if it is safe to do so. Never put yourself in danger.

After the incident

  • Set-off/activate duress alarm (if applicable), call 000 for police (and ambulance if needed) 
  • When able, call Security 1800 646 501 and report the location and details of events:
    •  State if the incident involves staff, students, visitors or others
    •  State if medical or other assistance is required
  • Help any injured persons until medical help arrives
  • Secure the area (don't allow anyone in or out of the area until cleared to do so by emergency services)
  • Don't touch anything within the scene
  • Request all witnesses to remain
  • Write down all you observed. Get witnesses to do the same.