Recovering from an emergency

Recovering from an emergency

Every year, the University and the communities in which we live face potentially devastating incidents caused by disasters, bushfires, floods, storms, cyclones, human induced hazards and their associated consequences.

Such events can have significant impacts on our community, infrastructure and the environment. It is not possible to protect ourselves completely from all hazards however, through preventative measures, planning, training, education and risk management, the University hopes to mitigate the negative impacts of any emergencies or disasters we face.

Preparation and prevention strategies can and have been put in place, however there will continue to be a need for recovery activities for physical, social, emotional, psychological, economic, financial and built and natural environment restoration.

For internal incidents affecting the University

During and after any incident, the University will ensure relief and recovery considerations are addressed in a timely manner. Services appropriate for the relief of both individuals and the University community as a whole, impacted by the incident, shall be provided and arrangements made for a timely recovery.

Relief and recovery considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • Informing affected persons of the outcomes of the incident and about support services that are available (such as the arrangement of counselling or a debriefing centre);
  • Ensuring immediate social and welfare needs are met; and
  • Ensuring recovery agencies are aware of the situation (when the incident has or is likely to have significantly impacted upon the University community).

Post-incident assistance for staff and students

All staff members and students are able to access counselling and other assistance services through the Office of Human Resource Services and Equity Services at any time.

Staff members also have access to the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) through the Office of Human Resource Services.

At any time, before, during or after an incident, all staff and students are able to access 24 hour crisis support and counselling services through Lifeline  phone: 13 11 14 (24/7)

lifeline 131114