Safety Aware Symbol

Safety Aware Symbol. Bright orange circle with orange triangle in centre. Bright blue background inside circle.

A safety symbol for Charles Darwin University

Physical University sites are spread over a very wide and disparate geographical area across Australia and throughout the Territory, and many of those sites are shared with or leased by, non-CDU personnel. Additionally, given the diverse nature of our workplaces and depending on business requirements, the nature or size of the class and/or teaching and learning requirements, the majority of our Teaching-Focussed Academic Staff, some of our general staff and all of our students who attend classes on-site, often have to change operating and learning environments.

Similar to the Australian Government’s “Safety House” campaign, the Safety, Emergency and Wellbeing (SEW) and University Security teams have decided that a single symbol to both raise awareness about safety in general and to offer a united, standardised symbol so that no matter what campus, building or part of Australia our staff and students attend, they will be able to quickly and easily identify who can assist them.

Why this symbol?

This emblem or derivatives of it, are already widely used both internationally and nationally for emergency management, civil defence and in the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) the triangle shape is used in the symbols of shelter, house, university, school and health facility. 

Why orange and blue?

Orange - orange is symbolic of strength and endurance. Orange has very high visibility, it was determined that made fluorescent, it would be very useful to attract attention in low-light conditions.

Blue - blue is strongly associated with trust, tranquillity and calmness and is also associated with health, healing, and understanding. Used in the University symbol it will be made bright and reflective to further attract attention.