Shelter in place

Icon of family taking shelterShelter in place is a calm and safe containment of people in a secure environment during an emergency situation. It means to take immediate shelter where you are – in a classroom, at home, at work, or in a car.

It may often be a safer alternative to leaving a building or room during an external hazardous material spill, toxic gas cloud release, severe weather, civil disorder or active shooter type of incident on campus.

Shelter in place procedures

  • Assess the danger
  • Remove yourself from danger, warn others in the area if safe to do so
  • Move into an interior room without windows if possible, close the door, lock the door if appropriate
  • Move away from windows, close all curtains and blinds if safe to do so
  • Keep clear of atriums or glass roofs
  • Keep away from tall or heavy objects that may fall
  • Shelter in the strongest part of the building
  • Follow all instructions from staff/emergency services
  • If you need assistance urgently and if it is safe to do so, call 000 or Security on 1800 646 501.