Issue 8
Monday, 23 May 2016
Charles Darwin University
AusAid scholarship recipients Rowena Sakir and Norhaifa Mamainte
AusAid scholarship recipients Rowena Sakir and Norhaifa Mamainte

Filipino students eye to advance rural classrooms

By Katie Weiss

Filipino students are working towards creating programs to help advance their home communities as a result of study scholarships at Charles Darwin University’s Casuarina campus.

Five of the six students are completing a Master of Education as part of the Australian Government Aid Program’s AusAid scholarship.

Student Rowena Sakir said her teaching position in the rural island community of Sulu, in the Philippine Archipelago, had led her to want to help create community support networks for teachers.

Ms Sakir said she planned to develop a blueprint for a whole-of-community network that would strengthen communication between teachers, principals and parents.

“In the Philippines, we really value education,” she said.

“It is our job as teachers to educate children, but this needs to extend outside the classroom. If we can encourage the community to really communicate with each other, then this would help the teacher.”

Student Norhaifa Mamainte said her research would involve developing a teacher-to-teacher mentorship program to help enhance elementary school pedagogy in the region.

“Our work as teachers is hard,” Ms Mamainte said.

“But when you see a student who you once taught succeeding in life that is so rewarding and makes the career so fulfilling.”

A Filipino student is also completing a Master of Emergency and Disaster Management at CDU as part of the Ausaid program.