Issue 3
Monday, 27 March 2017
Charles Darwin University
Professor Wayne Cristaudo, co-editor of “The European Legacy” journal
Professor Wayne Cristaudo, co-editor of “The European Legacy” journal

Journal brings European thought to mind

By Patrick Nelson

An eminent political scientist has become a co-editor of a prestigious international journal that specialises in European cultural history.

Professor of Political Science Wayne Cristaudo said he had accepted an invitation to co-edit the peer-reviewed journal “The European Legacy”.

“We’ve just published the March edition, which contains articles, reviews and opinions reflecting contemporary thinking relevant to the New Europe,” Professor Cristaudo said.

The journal also contains an opinion piece that presents one academic’s tragi-comedic observations of the emotional response to last year’s Brexit vote.

Professor Cristaudo said the current edition, the third for 2017, also contained one of his articles entitled America’s “religion of civility” and the Calvinisation of the world.

“I discuss the evolution and legacy of Calvinism and its importance in shaping America’s mind set,” he said.

“I argue that the export of this mind set after World War II has been as significant as the export of democracy, rock-n-roll and Coca-Cola.”

Professor Cristaudo said he had a “lingering affection” for the journal, which specialised in political and social philosophy, literature and the history of ideas.

“My first article was published in an early version of the journal, and later in the 1990s, I wrote several book reviews on their behalf.

“We have ambitions of producing seven editions this year,” he said.