Issue 10
Monday, 07 December 2020
Charles Darwin University

IT protégés in spotlight at CodeFair

Some of the Northern Territory’s brightest young minds in the information technology field were rewarded at the conclusion of the Charles Darwin University IT CodeFair earlier this month.

The final day of the five-day event saw the four most outstanding entrants from a series of competitions and challenges crowned winners of the CodeFair, gaining them entry to the NT Digital Excellence Awards. 

Rifat Mahmud, Kawsar Ahmed and Jesse Leal
Stanislav Gritsienko and Raf Cammarano
IT Code Fair crowd
Judges Richard Burrell and Chao Liang
Sarah Dowden-Parker and Sandeep Kaur
Neetu Shah
Xavier Thorbjornsen and Mestiyago Kanchana
Sai Vusirikapally
Harshitavama Acha