Issue 4
Tuesday, 29 March 2016
Charles Darwin University
Law lecturer Felicity Gerry QC … “varied and dynamic area of law”
Law lecturer Felicity Gerry QC … “varied and dynamic area of law”

Legal minds examine modern world challenge

By Patrick Nelson

Charles Darwin University brought together some top legal minds to examine the latest developments in the field of transnational law, at a seminar in Darwin this month.

Felicity Gerry QC from CDU’s School of Law said speakers and delegates from several Indo Pacific nations and England joined their Australian hosts to exchange knowledge in a legal area of growing significance.

“Transnational law regulates actions or events that transcend national frontiers,” Ms Gerry said.

“It’s a varied and dynamic area of law that encompasses the complex legal realities in an age of increased globalisation.”

It is the first time that the School of Law at Charles Darwin University has held such an event.

“Topics included ASEAN development, investment strategies, transnational crime, legal education and technology, human trafficking, human security, land rights, human rights and environmental protection,” Ms Gerry said.

“It provided an opportunity for several of our PhD candidates to showcase the innovative research they’ve undertaken in this 21st Century field of law.

“Among them was Maria Randazzo, whose paper ‘Sooner or later, everything old is new again’ gave a fascinating account of the origins and theoretical foundations of transnational law.

“The paper argued that some of the concepts of transnational law, which stretch back several hundred years, might provide some understanding to its nature and practise in the modern world.”

Ms Gerry said that CDU’s School of Law would continue to maintain a strong focus on transnational law and that the seminar was proposed to be the first in a succession of such events over coming years.