Issue 2
Monday, 29 February 2016
Charles Darwin University
Chinese Co-Director of CDU's Confucius Institute Mr Wang Hua has arrived from Hainan University
Chinese Co-Director of CDU's Confucius Institute Mr Wang Hua has arrived from Hainan University

New Year brings new Confucius Institute Co-Director

By Leanne Miles

The new Chinese Co-Director of Charles Darwin University's Confucius Institute has arrived from Hainan University, bringing well wishes for the Year of the Monkey.

Mr Wang Hua will work with CDU Confucius Institute Co-Director Professor Martin Jarvis to head the institute, which is a partnership between CDU and the Anhui Normal and Hainan universities in China that is designed to build cultural ties within the community.

Named after the Chinese educator and philosopher, the institute was opened in 2012, with a focus on teaching Chinese language and culture through innovative new media and creative arts technologies.

Mr Hua arrived this month with his family from Haikou in Hainan Province to take up residence for three years in Darwin, replacing former Chinese Co-Director Mr Donghe Liu, from Anhui Normal University.

He said he was excited to join the institute in Darwin and hoped to provide further opportunities for the NT community to learn about Chinese language and culture, and promote academic and cross-cultural exchanges for CDU staff and students with Chinese partner universities.

“The world is getting smaller; it is easier to travel and people want to learn and experience different cultures,” Mr Hua said. “The aim of the Confucius Institute is to enhance friendship and understanding within our universities and communities by offering opportunities to engage and share through cultural exchange.”

He said the institute would hold a range of programs and cultural activities throughout the year including Chinese traditional art, music, film, language programs and Tai Chi to engage with the community.

Mr Hua said he also hoped to engage the business community by offering courses in Chinese language and culture.

“We hope to talk to local companies to find out what their requirements are, so we can provide them with more training opportunities and services,” he said.

Mr Hua also said he hoped to establish a Confucius Institute Alumni Association and invited all alumni or anyone interested in the Confucius Institute to become involved in the range of programs on offer throughout the year.

The Charles Darwin University Confucius Institute is located on Casuarina campus in Building Orange 2, Level 4. For further map information visit W: