Issue 9
Monday, 04 November 2019
Charles Darwin University
Aeromedical retrieval team in a simulation exercise
Aeromedical retrieval team in a simulation exercise

Aeromedical retrieval course starts to take shape

By Kaye Hall

CDU’s new Masters of Public Health (Aeromedical Retrieval) is starting to take shape thanks to some of Australia’s leading aeromedical retrieval specialists.

Executives from the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC), CareFlight and Royal Flying Doctor Service SA/NT have joined the Course Advisory Group. Led by College of Nursing and Midwifery Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Paul Bell, the group is focused on how to design the course to best meet industry needs.

“The Masters and Graduate Certificate will target people working in logistics or medical,” Mr Bell said.

“While many logisticians come from a clinical background, historically there has been no academic pathway for them once they move into the logistics role.”

The course will give logisticians a greater understanding of clinical governance and give clinicians greater insight into aeromedical retrieval planning and coordination. The group has determined it will be three semesters full-time, and six semesters part-time with a once yearly intake. 

“We anticipate some logistics staff will do single subjects,” Mr Bell said.

The course will include Foundations and Essential Skills in Aero Medical Retrieval, Aero Medical Operational Systems, and International Assistance Operations, as well as Research and Epidemiology in rural, regional and indigenous communities. Clinical specialities will be available in Adult and Obstetric Secondary Retrievals and Neonatal and Paediatric Retrievals.

The Course Advisory Group includes NCCTRC Director of Medicine (Trauma and Disaster) Dr Dianne Stephens, Education Manager Lisa Vermeulen, and Medical Director for Disaster Dr Peter Archer, CareFlight Deputy Medical Director, John Roe, and Royal Flying Doctor Service SA/NT Clinical Nurse Educator, Christine Wilson. 

The College of Nursing and Midwifery anticipates the course will be ready to take enrolments in 2021. Students will study externally across Australia and come to Darwin for intensive residentials.

For more information, contact Paul Bell E: