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CDU celebrates ties with Asian neighbours

CDU Chinese studies lecturer Amy Yu presents at the “CDU Engagement with China” event CDU Chinese studies lecturer Amy Yu presents at the “CDU Engagement with China” event

Charles Darwin University has celebrated its strong ties with two Asian neighbours through a series of events held at Casuarina campus.

The recent engagement with China and Timor-Leste events celebrated the contributions that stakeholders, students, researchers and other staff have made to sustain CDU’s valued relationship with these countries.

Both events were hosted by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sharon Bell, at the Australian Centre for Indigenous Knowledges and Education.

Speakers at the “CDU Engagement with China” addressed a range of topics including research with Chinese partner universities, CDU’s Chinese In-Country language program and the Confucius Institute on Casuarina campus.

Building school principals' leadership skills through an agenda of internationalisation and globalisation was also discussed, and a current Anhui Agricultural University exchange student spoke about studying in Australia.

At the “CDU Engagement with Timor-Leste”, staff spoke about CDU’s nutrition-related capacity development work and Australia Awards Scholarship recipient Ms Julia Gaio discussed living while studying on Casuarina campus.

Accounting lecturer Simon Morris spoke about his case study on establishing a sustainable accountancy profession in the region. North Australia Marine Research Alliance post-doctoral fellow Dr Dirk Steenbergen also discussed his research in the region, which involved links to small-scale fisheries.