Issue 2
Monday, 26 March 2018
Charles Darwin University
Mahmudul Hasan (standing) and the CDU Bangladeshi Student Association committee
Mahmudul Hasan (standing) and the CDU Bangladeshi Student Association committee

Students cook for community after cyclone

By Andrew Hall

In the aftermath of Cyclone Marcus, members of the CDU Bangladeshi Student Association gathered to discuss how they could help the wider community in recovery mode.

The group led by association president Mahmudul Hasan decided that a hot meal would help people who had no power in their homes with which to cook.

“We agreed that we would finance the effort out of our own pockets (to the tune of $2000-plus) and worry about fund-raising at a later date with the help of our association, which has more than 200 members,” Hasan said.

“Some of us were tasked with buying food, while others focused on the logistics and getting the word out about where we were going to distribute the meals.”

The group contacted the Islamic Society of Palmerston, which agreed to allow use of its kitchen facilities at the Palmerston mosque. With social media support from the NT Government, the CDU International Students Association and the public, the message reached more than 12,000 people.

“On the Monday evening after the cyclone at the Casuarina and Nightcliff shopping centres we handed out about 400 hot dinners,” Hasan said.

“The whole exercise came together quite quickly and we’re happy that we could do something to help people who were struggling after the cyclone.”