Issue 8
Monday, 01 October 2018
Charles Darwin University
From left: Kobi Schutz, Zachary Watt, Ann Bolton and Nijel Ratonel
From left: Kobi Schutz, Zachary Watt, Ann Bolton and Nijel Ratonel

Online Nursing program takes major award

By Danielle Lee-Ryder

The VET Online Project Diploma of Nursing team has been recognised with a prestigious Blackboard award.

The team, which includes Ann Bolton, Kobi Schutz, Meagan Gaskett, Zachary Watt and Nijel Ratonel, can add the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) to their growing collection of awards.

Nursing Team Leader Ann Bolton said this was the second time CDU had received an ECP from the global company.

Blackboard provides CDU’s online teaching platform, Learnline, and is a world leader in educational technology.

Ms Bolton said the peer-reviewed ECP recognised the “Practice nursing within the Australian healthcare system” unit as outstanding in its design, content and delivery.

“It’s fantastic to have this recognition and indicates that our online learning in Nursing is innovative and well-regarded,” Ms Bolton said.

Senior Learnline VET developer Zachary Watt said the team worked to develop and deliver 28 units to students online.

“We have worked very hard to produce a range of units and thought this one stood out, so we nominated it for review,” Mr Watt said.

“It’s great to get such overwhelmingly positive feedback from important players in the industry.”