Issue 1
Monday, 26 February 2018
Charles Darwin University

Snow small jump for Outback girl

By Ellie Turner

A university exchange in Canada has been an experience of “firsts” for Chloe French.

The 21-year-old Bachelor of Education student, who will graduate this year, has attended lectures on a campus and tried snow sports for the first time, since she arrived at Mount Royal University, in Calgary, last month.

“I have been an external student throughout my degree, so this is all new,” Chloe said.

“Going to real classes has been my favourite part; deciding to do a study exchange is the best call I have ever made.

“The people here are lovely, especially to Australian students, and everyone has 20 questions to ask about our weather or kangaroos.”

Chloe, who grew up on a sheep station about 60km from Whyalla, in South Australia, said the one-semester exchange was a good opportunity to explore another country’s education system and curriculum.

The aspiring primary school teacher said when she wasn’t studying she made the most of arriving in Canada in the middle of winter.

“When I arrived it was so weird to think that I was on the other side of the world where it was -24C, when it was 42C back home,” she said.

“Walking in the snow and learning to ice-skate was just amazing.”

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