Issue 4
Monday, 28 May 2018
Charles Darwin University
Ceenah’s winning performance at Battle of the School Bands. Image: NT Music School
Ceenah’s winning performance at Battle of the School Bands. Image: NT Music School

Ceenah wows Top End BASS crowd

By Patrick Nelson

Nervous but excited Central Australian music student Ceenah has given the performance of her life at the BASSINTHEGRASS music festival in Darwin.

It was easily the biggest gig for the talented teenager who had wowed judges to win the solo section at the NT Music School’s Battle of the School Bands grand final only a month ago.

Ceenah (aka Sinafoni Naufahu), a Certificate III in Music student at Charles Darwin University in Alice Springs, sang two original works that presented a positive message about teen issues.

The first was the rhythm and blues and soul styled “Independent Woman”, which she wrote for teenagers who had experienced a bad relationship.

“Many of us go through phases of liking someone and giving them 100 per cent but then finding out that those feelings are not returned in the same way,” she said.

“This is for girls to know that it’s OK to be themselves, that they are worth something in their own right and that they don’t have to be with someone.”

Ceenah said the second song “Soldier” explored the theme of teenage bullying.

“It refers to my experience where people didn’t treat me the same,” she said.

“The message is don’t worry about what others say. It also encourages you to reach for your goals.”

In the case of both songs, Ceenah said she started composing them by writing down her emotions and feelings and then coming up with a few chords.

“I write songs about the reality of today’s generation. Hopefully people will relate to them; maybe they will help someone get through their journey.”

Born in New Zealand, Ceenah moved to Alice Springs six years ago with what she describes as her “very musical family”. Her brother Felise also performed at BASS as part of five-piece Alice Springs group Juice who won Best Band at Battle of the Bands.