Issue 3
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Charles Darwin University
 Dr Du Jun hopes to expand the role of the Confucius Institute
Dr Du Jun hopes to expand the role of the Confucius Institute

New CI director looks to strengthen networks

By Andrew Hall

Dr Du Jun, who is the second senior academic from China’s Anhui Normal University to become the Chinese Director of CDU’s Confucius Institute (CI), has arrived in Darwin and is intent on helping expand CI’s involvement with the Northern Territory community.

A professor in bioinorganic chemistry who focuses on design and property research of anti-cancer metal-based compounds, Dr Du replaces Associate Professor Hua Wang, who served as the CI co-director for three years until February 2019.

With a 25-year teaching and research profile and having served as Vice-Dean of the International Education College, and Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, Anhui Province in China, Dr Du has also participated in research exchange programs at Edinburgh and Warwick universities in the UK.

“While the CI is dedicated to imparting knowledge of Chinese language and culture, I have found that there are numerous values and aspirations that are shared by people and societies in all parts of the world,” Dr Du said.

“The CDU CI has done many good things since it was founded in 2012 and I see my role as continuing to build on the solid foundations that have been laid by those who came before me.

“I would especially like the CI to play a more integrated role in the CDU community, perhaps by offering staff an opportunity to learn Chinese and to participate in a range of events hosted by the CI throughout the year.”

Dr Du said a continuing priority was to promote the teaching of Chinese language and culture in Darwin’s primary and secondary schools.