Issue 3
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Charles Darwin University
Balinese students study coding at Slukart Learning Centre
Balinese students study coding at Slukart Learning Centre

CDU trial helps rural Balinese youth

By Danielle Lee-Ryder

Young people in rural Bali are accessing an innovative after-hours school that aims to take them out of poverty.

CDU PhD candidate Ayu Pramitasari is trialling the school as part of her research.

This unique collaboration between CDU and local Balinese people has involved establishing the “Slukat Learning Centre” for disadvantaged nine to 18-year-old Balinese youth.

The pilot has provided coding lessons to young people at weekends during the past four months.

It is part of a trial in Ayu’s thesis on preparing rural Balinese for the 21st Century workforce.

CDU’s Associate Professor in Education Laurence Tamatea assisted by designing a special curriculum. Ayu implemented and helped train local people to deliver the classes.

Ayu said that seven of the 25 students had been selected by Developer Circle Facebook Indonesia for a special scholarship as a result of the program.

"Coding is a skill that can be transferred across borders," Ayu said. "It is a skill that can help these youths to break away from poverty and disadvantage.

"Bali is one of the main centres for technology hubs and start-ups.

“Currently, some of these youths are already involved in a project to create apps for bitcoin transaction,” she said.

“This program is helping give them skills to break through the barriers.”