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Learning, teaching spaces in $2m upgrade

By Leanne Coleman

Learning, teaching spaces in $2m upgrade Learning, teaching spaces in $2m upgrade

An almost $2 million upgrade to Collaborative Learning and Teaching Spaces on Casuarina campus will benefit thousands of internal and external students.

Dubbed “Skype on steroids”, the dedicated “Collaborate” spaces are enhancing interaction between students in classes on-site and those online.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic Professor Martin Carroll said the technology associated with the upgrade would improve access for students nationally and from around the world to become part of CDU’s learning community.

“We provide about 8000 Collaborate sessions per year, with around 70,000 student logins each year,” Professor Carroll said. 

“The spaces provide opportunities for students to interact with each other, to work and learn collaboratively, and to generate a sense of belonging to a community of learners. Collaborate is more than just online video networking, it also allows application sharing, screen sharing, concurrent text and audio communication, breakout groups and much more. It means that on-campus and external students are sharing a truly equivalent learning experience.”

The Collaborate rooms have been set up with multiple screens, tracking cameras and high-quality audio equipment to enable students to engage in synchronous collaborative learning during lectures and tutorials through the Learnline Collaborate software.

“These classrooms of the future are all about expanding learning and teaching approaches,” he said. “In addition to Collaborate technologies, these rooms have writable glass walls, high end video conferencing, formal and informal spaces and creative furnishings that allow wonderful flexibility.”

Professor Carroll said Collaborate technology was also being used by students in a range of courses including online Law students in the Moot Court, where court role plays were live streamed and lecturers could give live feedback, record and grade student performance.