Issue 1
Monday, 26 February 2018
Charles Darwin University
Students including Chloe Murray (far left) have travelled overseas as part of the New Colombo Plan
Students including Chloe Murray (far left) have travelled overseas as part of the New Colombo Plan

Student teachers gain international experience

By Leanne Miles

Pre-service teaching students have travelled to Cambodia and the Philippines as part of a professional placement funded through the New Colombo Plan.

Late last year, eight students undertook 10 days of professional experience placement in Phnom Penh, at the Cambodia International Academy First International School, while five students attended Mahatma Gandhi International School in Manila.

Education lecturer Jenny Buckworth said the pre-service teachers experienced different teaching and learning approaches, and also immersed themselves in language and culture.

“The students embraced the learning opportunity and brought personal teaching strengths to classes across the dual International and Khmer teaching programs and contributed to lessons in pre-school, primary and secondary maths and physical education,” Ms Buckworth said.

“The host schools were very impressed with the quality of the CDU pre-service teachers and presented them with future employment opportunities.”

Pre-service teacher Chloe Murray, who travelled to Cambodia, said the trip had inspired her.

“I got a lot out of working alongside my mentor in Cambodia, learning from his personal experiences and his advice that mentoring should not be seen as a one way process; rather, it should be a mutually enriching experience for them as well,” Chloe said.

“This experience has also opened my eyes to the many opportunities of being a teacher and encouraged me to strive for a placement at the school that is right for me.”

Ms Buckworth said the international placement also aimed to broaden the outlooks of pre-service teachers, giving them a globally rich perspective of education, curriculum and educational practice.

“The international placements help to build and maintain bilateral relationships between the participating organisation in Australia and the host country,” she said.

The placements were organised with grants from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of the Department’s New Colombo Plan. NCP funding opportunities for preservice teacher placements are available in 2018. For more information visit W: