Issue 2
Monday, 01 April 2019
Charles Darwin University
Student Advisor and stand-up comedian Chris Little
Student Advisor and stand-up comedian Chris Little

Alice comic conquers Fringe crowd

By Patrick Nelson

Phlegmatic Student Advisor Chris Little has returned to work at Alice Springs campus after a six-show comedy performance in an upmarket pub at the Adelaide Fringe Festival last month.

“We had good crowds who responded well each night,” said Chris, one of four stand-up comics who comprise the Alice Springs Comedy Showcase.

“I describe my humour as absurd with material that gives audiences a skewed perspective on life. I included some new material, some older stuff that had worked well in the past, as well as lots of one-liners and weird turns-of-phrase. I also did my impersonation of a Finnish comic, which is inspired by my heritage as a Finn, and plays on our reputation as taciturn.”

Chris said there was one night where an audience member left him in a bad mood.

“There were two older people in the front row, including a guy who was muttering my punchlines and who seemed to be mocking me with hand gestures. I wasn’t sure if he was badly behaved and for a moment I thought he may have had a learning disability.

“As I came toward the end of my routine, I said something like, ‘well, I’ve got just one more for you before I finish for the night’. The next thing I know the guy is looking at me and giving the throat-slash gesture, which was a little intimidating.

“It wasn’t until the next day that I learnt that he had been retelling my material to his wife who was deaf. The hand gesture across his throat, which I interpreted as a message of disapproval, was his way of communicating my statement that my skit was coming to an end. I’m so glad I gave him the benefit of the doubt.”

Chris said he had always resisted the temptation to develop comedic material based on his real-life work experience at Student Central in Alice Springs.

“Work and comedy are very separate domains in my life, although they probably offset each other in a strange kind of way.”