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Students put best work before audience

By Patrick Nelson

An impromptu band performs at the Ape TV – Monkey Music concert in Alice Springs An impromptu band performs at the Ape TV – Monkey Music concert in Alice Springs

A group of Central Australia's emerging student musicians and multimedia artists presented their best work at an end-of-year performance in Alice Springs recently.

Charles Darwin University Contemporary Music Lecturer Cain Gilmour said the annual Ape TV – Monkey Music concert featured short videos, animations and easy-listening music that varied in style from “girl-pop” and cruisy-acoustic to rock.

“It was a good gig with good dynamics, featuring seven musical acts, including Cold Flame and Rachel Builder, both of whom participated in Battle of the School Bands this year,” Mr Gilmour said.

“Some acts played covers, but most performed original compositions that reflected the concerns, attitudes and temperaments of young Alice Springs musicians.”

Mr Gilmour said that while it was important to put on a good show for the audience, the behind-the-scenes activities were as equally important.

“The music students were responsible for setting up, running the production and packing up the event,” he said.

“They ran all aspects of the performance including the mixing console at front-of-house, the lighting and the scheduling, all of which was critical for the show’s success.

“It also formed part of their assessment.”

Mr Gilmour said that for the first time, a CD featuring tracks from his Certificate III in Contemporary Music students was offered for sale at the door.

“We are proud that the songs were recorded and the CD produced in our state-of-the-art music studio on Alice Springs campus,” he said.

“All proceeds from the sale of the CDs will be donated to the Orangutan appeal through Roxy City Music.”