Issue 1
Monday, 15 February 2016
Charles Darwin University
From left: Ronaq Varma, Sierra Bath, Katie Weiss
From left: Ronaq Varma, Sierra Bath, Katie Weiss

On the origins of CDU’s namesake

The birthday of one of the world’s greatest thinkers, and Charles Darwin University’s namesake, has been celebrated at various campuses and centres.

To mark the 207th anniversary of the birth of naturalist Charles Darwin, a quiz with a travel pack prize was launched via the Darwin Day at CDU Facebook page and will close at 5pm on 26 February.

Staff also held birthday celebrations for Charles Darwin at various campuses and centres throughout Australia.

At the Casuarina event, former Northern Territory Administrator Tom Pauling AO QC gave a short speech in which he explored some of the little known facts of Charles Darwin’s early life and how his name was given to the capital of the Northern Territory and to the Territory’s university.

Mr Pauling said CDU was named in honour of the famous thinker because the university embraced ideas and innovation.

“I rejoice in the name of my home of Darwin and am personally proud that the university bears the name Charles Darwin,” Mr Pauling said.

He also explained the curious connection between Darwin the city and its namesake, despite Charles Darwin never having visited the NT.

Mr Pauling said it was the crew of HMS Beagle, the ship Darwin sailed on during his famous five-year journey across the globe, who named Darwin Harbour after the scientist.

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