Issue 19
Monday, 24 October 2016
Charles Darwin University
Dr Andrew Taylor, co-editor of a book on remote settlements
Dr Andrew Taylor, co-editor of a book on remote settlements

New book examines remote northern settlements

By Patrick Nelson

A book to be launched in Darwin this week offers fresh insight into the opportunities and challenges facing remote settlements in the modern world.

Co-edited by demographers Dr Andrew Taylor and Professor Dean Carson from Charles Darwin University’s Northern Institute, “Settlements at the Edge” explains the causes and consequences of population change in settlements in remote areas of Australia, and compares and contrasts these with other northern developed jurisdictions.

“We have paid particular attention to settlements in the northern developed areas of Australia, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland and in Alaska,” Dr Taylor said.

“Settlements in northern remote areas are invariably small when compared to southern settlements, as well as being distant from major economic and political centres. 

“Our focus draws attention to the demographic, economic, social, cultural and historical diversity of these settlements, including how population composition and change determines the success or otherwise of economic and policy ventures.

“We’ve unpacked the importance of understanding relationships between settlement populations and the economy at the local level.”

Dr Taylor said the book contained contributions from about 60 researchers from around the world.

“It was rewarding to work with people who share similar research passions and a belief that understanding populations is vital to facilitating positive change in northern contexts.”

Dr Taylor said the book would appeal to those interested in the importance of settlements “at the edge” of developed nations as well as those working in policy and program contexts.

“Settlements at the Edge” will be launched in Darwin at the CDU Business School at the Waterfront this Thursday October 27. This will be followed by an international expert panel session, which will discuss key themes in the book. 

To RSVP for the book launch, and/or to register for the panel session, visit: W:, or call 8946 7468.