Issue 11
Monday, 17 July 2017
Charles Darwin University
End of an eyesore reveals views
End of an eyesore reveals views

Power towers down at The Heights

Panoramic views at The Heights, Durack have been opened up with the final stage of a $3.6 million project to relocate large overhead powerlines below ground now complete.

Over the past nine months new termination poles and cables have been installed underground, and the project culminated with cranes brought in to remove eight large towers, poles and overhead cables.

The final step, completed last month, was to switch the power from the overhead 66kV lines to underground lines.

Land on which the power lines once stood is free to be landscaped for public use. All the wires and towers removed will be recycled into scrap metal and the concrete footings from each tower will remain in the ground to ensure no waste goes to landfill.

The Heights, Durack is a residential subdivision being developed by Peet in partnership with Charles Darwin University.