Issue 22
Monday, 05 December 2016
Charles Darwin University
Dr Ania Lian (left), Professor Sue Shore and Dr Gretchen Geng
Dr Ania Lian (left), Professor Sue Shore and Dr Gretchen Geng

Education books launched before Christmas

Three books offering unique perspectives on education in Australia and overseas have been launched at the International Graduate Centre for Education (IGCE) at Casuarina campus.

CDU academics were among the co-editors of the books, which cover issues ranging from global learning to adult education and the experiences of pre-service teachers working in the sector.

Dr Gretchen Geng said 31 students shared personal stories about the education system in the book she co-edited with Dr Paul Black and Pamela Smith, entitled “The challenge of teaching: through the eyes of pre-service teachers”.

“The students provided genuine and honest accounts of their experiences as student teachers,” Dr Geng said.

IGCE director Professor Sue Shore co-edited the book, “Disrupting Adult and Community Education: Teaching, Learning, and Working in the Periphery”, with Dr Robert Mizzi and Professor Tonette Rocco.

The book focused on engagement with people often excluded by formal education systems, including homeless youth, LGBTQI activists, prison inmates, sex workers and undocumented migrants.

Dr Ania Lian, Professor Peter Kell, Dr Paul Black and Professor Koo Yew Lie explored issues that shape global learning in the book, “Challenges in global learning: dealing with education issues from an international perspective”.

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