Monday, 11 April 2016
Charles Darwin University
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) student Bijay Lamsal
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) student Bijay Lamsal

Scholarship engineers success

By Katie Weiss

A Scholarship will assist a Charles Darwin University Honours student’s research that aims to help drain floodwaters from rice paddy fields in a region of Eastern Indonesia.

Nepalese engineering student Bijay Lamsal recently received the $5000 scholarship from the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering, which represents almost every university in Australia and New Zealand.

Bijay said his project would involve designing and engineering ways to help drain rice paddy fields in Sumba, Eastern Indonesia and testing its water samples at Lucas Heights in Sydney.

He said he would then determine whether the floodwater was caused by groundwater or rainwater.

“With the aid of the scholarship, I can explore more possibilities for my research,” Bijay said.

He said he was interested in civil works and building projects and planned to work in the construction industry after graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil).

The scholarship was welcomed by Bijay’s Honours supervisors, Professor of Sustainable Engineering Charlie Fairfield, Professor of Engineering Ken Evans, and Research Fellow Dr Monishka Narayan.