Issue 12
Monday, 18 July 2016
Charles Darwin University

Experts on the Go

Northern Population Matters symposium
Who: A range of researchers from the Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University
When: August 4
Where: Darwin
More: Presentations will focus on issues affecting Northern Australia, including a recent population fall in the Northern Territory and what this might mean for the North Australian economy.

Northern Territory Festival of Teaching
Who: Senior Research Fellow Dr Samantha Disbray.
When: August 26 - 27
Where: Darwin
More: The festival provides teachers with the opportunity to engage in quality professional learning, to facilitate their knowledge and create networking opportunities as a result of a collaborative effort between teaching associations of the Northern Territory.

International Conference on Earth Science and Climate Change 
Who: PhD candidate Isadora Mack
When: July 25 - 27
Where: Bangkok
More: Isadora Mack will present a paper, jointly written with CDU Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts Dr Ioannis Michaloudis, proposing that the huge volume of space junk orbiting the Earth could be transformed into cloud-like sculptures to shade an overheated planet.