Issue 11
Monday, 04 July 2016
Charles Darwin University

Experts on the Go

Society for Conservation Biology Oceania Conference
Who: Amanda Lilleyman, PhD candidate at RIEL
When: July 6-9
Where: Brisbane
More: Ms Lilleyman will present research on the migratory behaviour of the Eastern Curlew in Darwin.

Seminar: Excitonic processes in organic semiconductors and their applications in organic solar cells
Who: Dr Jai Singh, Professor of Physics
When: Tue July 12
Where: Hong Kong Baptist University
More: In this seminar, Professor Singh will review the excitonic processes that occur in organic semiconductors and discuss their application in the operation of organic solar cells.

Mangroves and Macrobenthos Meeting IV
Who: Mr Benjamin Brown
When: July 18-22
Where: Flagler College, St Augustine, Fla, USA
More: Mr Brown will sit on a scientific advisory committee, give an oral presentation and moderate a session at this international discussion on the causes and consequences of mangrove ecosystem responses to an ever-changing climate. Mr Brown also has written the paper Rapid Feasibility Assessments for Determining Appropriate Mangrove Recovery Interventions at the Landscape Scale in Indonesia, to be published in a special edition of the Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Conference: Driving Quality in VET
Who: Dr Don Zoellner
When: July 27-28
Where: Melbourne
More: Dr Zoellner will speak about the impact of market design in understanding quality and chair a workshop that explores how to establish successful organisational culture.