Issue 7
Monday, 09 May 2016
Charles Darwin University

Experts on the Go

Seminar: International Network for Indigenous Ecological Farmers (INIEF) Walking Workshop, Taiwan
Who: Dr Benxiang Zeng, Dr Judith Lovell and Theresa Alice, of Northern Institute
When: Friday May 13, 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Where: Higher Education Board Room, Building 15, Level 2, Alice Springs campus
More: The focus of the INIEF workshop is to safeguard traditional food and agricultural systems in the face of climate change and other pressures adversely affecting Aboriginal culture.

Symposium: Parade Beli Indonesia
Who: John Dahlsen, Visual Arts lecturer and PhD candidate
When: Saturday May 14
Where: Malang, Indonesia
More: Mr Dahlsen will deliver a two-hour keynote presentation on his environmental artwork. He will also exhibit his woodblock/digital fusion print works on paper at the University of Malang.

Seminar: Beyond the North-South Culture Wars: reconciling Northern Australia's recent past with its future
Who: Allan Dale, Northern Institute University Fellow
When: Monday May 16, 2.30pm
Where: Northern Institute, Yellow Building 1, Level 2, Room 48
More: Australia’s agriculturalists are looking to the nation’s north to escape the decline in southern Australia’s water and soil resources. Booming mineral and gas development is also helping to drive the nation’s economic success. At the same time, the south’s conservation sector would like to see much of the north preserved as iconic wilderness. Both conservation and resource development interests are often at odds with the interests of the north’s traditional owners, many of whom remain trapped in welfare dependency and poverty. Indeed, to the ire of north Australians, the past five decades of north Australian history have been characterised by these national-scale conflicts being played out in regional and local communities.