Issue 16
Monday, 25 September 2017
Charles Darwin University

A Guide to the law

Recent publications

Publication name: Journal of Judicial Administration
Article: Effective participation of vulnerable accused persons: Case management, court adaptation and rethinking criminal responsibility
Authors: Felicity Gerry QC and Penny Cooper
The article explores recent international developments in judicial case management, procedural adaptations and the need for a fundamental review of laws that may be inappropriately criminalising certain vulnerable accused persons.
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Publication name: Vulnerable People and the Criminal Justice System: A Guide to Law and Practice
Chapter: Vulnerability and Defences
Authors: Felicity Gerry QC and Penny Cooper
This book provides guidance on the law and procedure for the effective participation of vulnerable witnesses and defendants in the criminal justice system. It is written by experts in the field and provides clear, practical guidance applicable to cases involving vulnerable people. Ms Gerry’s chapter discusses expert evidence, court adaptation and criminal responsibility.
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